Manual Rethinking Agricultural Policy Regimes: 18 (Research in Rural Sociology & Development)

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Ground Design for Food Sovereignty. Global Capitalism and Agriculture. Modern Food and Agribusinss.

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Food Safety and Quality Labelling. Globalization and International Agricultural Markets. Introduction to Agricultural Economics. Agribusiness Studies. Materialism and Modern Society. Misc Plain Text. Book Review: Tachikawa M. Book Review: F. Buttel et al. Food and Agriculture in Japan.

Rethinking rural entrepreneurship in the era of globalization: some observations from Iran

Scientists vs. Citizens: How to go beyond the conflicts over GMOs? Literature Reviews on Multinational Agribusiness Corporations. Genetially Modified Crops and Agriculture. Political Economy of Agricultural Biotechnology.

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Seed Strategy of Transnational Corporations. Agriculture and Agribusinesses. Place Reconstruction by Agrarian Prosumer. Emergence of Agrarian Prosumer AP. Opening Remarks: How far we have come through and where we are heading for? Eds: Coudel, Devautour and Soulard, Hubert. Montpellier, June July 1, Rediscovering Locality? A case of traditional vegetables in Kyoto. About the Authors. Comparison of Bioenergy Policies in Denmark and Germany.

Rethinking Agricultural Policy Regimes. Research in rural sociology and development. Copyright page. List of Contributors.

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Emerald: Title Detail: Rethinking Agricultural Policy Regimes by Reider Almas

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EAFRD Compilation: project examples from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development