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Do some research with water, milk and a thermometer to find out. Check out our list of cool sports science fair project ideas that feature popular sports such as baseball, golf, tennis and basketball. Just how heavy was that rain shower? Let's find out by making a rain gauge that measures how much rain falls over a certain time. Take surveys, study human behavior and answer questions related to psychology and social science. Windy days are obvious but knowing the wind direction can be a little harder. Make your own weather vane to help solve this problem.

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Make a barometer to measure changes in air pressure and help predict weather changes. How good will your weather predictions be? Learn more about the human body while answering interesting questions that relate to eyes, muscles, hair, teeth and more. Take up the wind speed challenge by designing and building your own wind speed tool as part of this weather based project. Study computers, alternative fuel sources, cameras, cell phones and other areas of technology that will help shape our future.

Sponsored Links. Make a String Phone Use paper cups to make a string phone and talk with friends while learning about sound waves with this cool science project for kids. The Scientific Method Making a science fair project is easier if you know about the Scientific Method, check out our step by step guide for more information.

Egg Drop Design and build something that can safely protect an egg from smashing all over the ground with this fun egg drop project for kids. Chemistry Ideas Get help with your next chemistry science fair project by checking out our great ideas that cover everything from forensics to crystals. Grow Salt Crystals Grow your own collection of beautiful salt crystals and examine what they look like under the sharp focus of a microscope. Biology Ideas Explore the fascinating world of biology with a science fair project related to microorganisms, bacteria, cloning, evolution and much more.

Make a Robot Try a fun robot building project. Physics Ideas Find some great ideas for physics based science fair projects. Make Your Own Fossil Creating your own fossil is a fun project that will show you how scientists use them to research extinct species such as dinosaurs. Earth Ideas Take a closer look at our amazing planet with an earth based science fair project. Stalactites and Stalagmites Real stalactites and stalagmites take a long time to form, let's speed up the process by making our own with this cool project. Electricity Ideas Many of us rely on electricity so it makes a great topic to investigate.

Make a Kaleidoscope Enjoy the beautiful shapes and colors of a kaleidoscope by making your own as part of this fun project. Water Ideas Enjoy projects on rain, ice, water quality, drainage, moisture and more with our fun water science fair project ideas. Make a Simple Microscope Use water droplets to help make a basic microscope that lets you examine a range of objects in greater detail. Animal Ideas Study the behavior of your family pet, research insects on your property or answer any one of our many questions relating to animals. Make Your Own Stethoscope Are you feeling fit and healthy?

Food Ideas Use our list of food science fair project ideas to help get started on your way to answering scientific questions about food or cooking.


Elementary School Science Fair Projects

Make a Model Hand Create a simple model hand that shows how the muscles and tendons work together in making your hand move. Plant Ideas Enjoy our list of plant based science fair ideas and suggestions that will help you create a project worthy of a first place prize. Keeping Drinks Hot What are some of the things that affect how fast your drinks go cold? Sports Ideas Check out our list of cool sports science fair project ideas that feature popular sports such as baseball, golf, tennis and basketball.

Make a Rain Gauge Just how heavy was that rain shower? Try experimenting with soil type, light, temperature, water, and more. See if using water crystal beads in the soil affects watering and growth.

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Or grow two of the same plant—one in soil and one in water. Use a root viewer to experiment with root vegetables. Does calcium really make our bones stronger? Use lotion and glitter or Glo Germ gel to simulate germs. Experiment to find out if warm or cold water works better, which kinds of soap work best, and how much time you should spend washing.

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Have you ever watched ants carrying bits of food? What food from your kitchen do you think an ant or other insect would like best? Can you test the effect of temperature on ants? Can bees recognize pictures?

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  • Perform a simple honeybee memory experiment to find out. Do bees remember patterns? What about location? Do a project to find out if temperature affects brine shrimp. Do ones in a warmer environment develop faster than ones in a colder place? Is tap water, spring water, or distilled water better for hatching the eggs? How does the membrane and shell of an egg help protect a baby chick? Test green leaves to find out what other pigments are present in them. Chemistry Ideas: Crystals, pH, Slime, and Glue Design a science fair project comparing and contrasting how long it takes ice to melt at room temperature compared to a warm stovetop or the refrigerator.

    Try thawing frozen fruit at the same time. Does it longer or the same amount of time to warm up as the ice? What if you add salt to the ice? Your kitchen offers lots of chemistry ideas. How does cola or another soft drink compare in acidity with other common drinks or food?

    You can test acidity using pH paper. You can also use indophenol to test which fruits have the most vitamin C.

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    How well does water dissolve salt or sugar compared to other liquids like oil, corn syrup, or vinegar? Experiment with surface tension by making bubbles. Can you make them in different shapes? Can you poke scissors through them without popping them? Make crystals from sugar, salt, and baking soda.

    How do their crystal shapes compare? Does the rate of evaporation of the crystal growing medium water, vinegar affect the size of the crystals? Does the rate of how fast the crystals cool down affect the size of the crystals? Do impurities such as iodized salt versus salt that is not iodized affect the growth of the crystals?

    School Science Fair Projects

    What happens when saltwater from the ocean evaporates? Chemical energy can produce power! Try making a battery from food items. Which type of citrus fruit works best? What about vinegar? A potato? Experiment with polymers by using milk proteins to make homemade glue. How does homemade glue compare with glue from the store? Can you develop a way to make homemade glue stronger? You can also make homemade slime. Does more or less of an ingredient make the slime more stretchy?

    What about slippery or gooey? Why do apple slices turn brown? Can you stop this from happening by using lemon juice? What else could you use? How does yeast make bread rise? What conditions make yeast react faster or slower?