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So we can investigate further.

Web of Mystery. There is more information about this book at the bottom of the page. Curator Teleman from Chicago searches an ancient tapestry in a castle in Germany.

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He awakens the sleeping vampire duke Ludwig von Hohenstaufen. The fiend kills a number of people before he can be destroyed by sunlight.

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The tapestry is found in the vampire's coffin, depicting him as the monster he always was. His ghost returns to complete the task.

A gypsy boy flees the orphanage he lives in and travels with a salesman to a gypsy camp. They witness a gypsy wedding.


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In an outburst of jealousy the salesman kills the groom and drives away, burning down the camp. The boy escapes and is found by the police.

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  5. The events he saw took place ten years ago, at the time when he was brought to the orphanage. When his whole party gets lost in the jungle and dies from fever, his wife's pet bird leads him back to civilization.

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    Sadly his wife also has perished. Topics: maitland, blaine, doctor, spook, jeffrey, savings, sammy, headless, vorger, subconscious, jeffrey Topics: ragy, trascu, baron, castle, gypsies, frank, curse, gloria, turned, elena, baron trascu. Topics: hartley, ronald, trophy, temple, draw, worthless, murderers, room, cellini, lord, trophy room, lord Topics: snake, bayou, human, strange, defense, lieutenant, sacrifices, pamela, zolfukar, cult, human Oh, and she meets a very cute cop. There are 6 stories out in this series, with two more due out in My first mystery series leans more toward psychological suspense, as psychotherapist Kate Huntington finds herself thrust into the role of amateur sleuth again and again!

    There are 9 books out in this series, with 10 due out in Psychotherapist Kate Huntington helps other people cope with the horrible things that have happened to them, but she herself has led a charmed life… so far.

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    Now a killer with a mysterious grudge against her and her closest friend, lawyer Rob Franklin, is threatening everyone and everything that she holds dear. When the detective assigned to their case decides they are lovers and the attacks against them and their families are veiled attempts to rid themselves of their spouses, Kate and Rob are forced to investigate on their own.

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